The NOVA 15 Light-Weight (“LW”) is from our family of super rugged inrunner BLDC motors and has been specifically designed for UAS and aerospace applications.

The rugged closed housing with IP 54 in standard (higher possible) allows for use in the harshest environmental conditions, such as desert, snow and marine missions. Compared to open outrunner BLDC motors, it offers extended MTBS/F with significantly reduced total cost of ownership. At the same time, the motor has been designed to be “light-weight”, as the name LW suggests. The NOVA 15 LW offers the best power-to-weight-to-robustness ratio in its class.

As all Plettenberg BLDC motors, the NOVA 15 LW will be tailored to the mission profile of our customer. Our propulsion engineers will work closely with you to run extensive performance simulations and thermal models. Based on the modelling data, the motor is then adjusted based on a modular “MOTS” approach to perfectly match your requirements. This tailorization approach allows for significantly improved efficiency and weight reduction, while ensuring that the motor stays thermally robust at all critical load points.

15 kW
Peak Power
40 Nm
Peak Torque
11,000 RPM
Max. RPM
If you want to learn more about our approach and the NOVA 15 LW, please contact our sales team for more information.
  • Super robust design for use in harsh environments
  • Standard protection class IP 54 (higher class possible)
  • Weight optimized housing, designed for UAV and aerospace applications
  • Best power-to-weight-to-robustness ratio in its class
  • Three effect sensors and one temperature sensor included in standard
  • Low moment of inertia with high efficiency in dynamic applications such as multi-copters
  • High torque density
  • Very smooth running
  • Only aerospace grade materials with highest quality are used
  • No need for gear boxes in most applications

Our support does not stop with selecting the best motor. We also provide propulsion design and system integration support. Our experienced engineers help in the initial propulsion design phase of the UAV, support in selecting the ideal prop and motor coupling (together with our partner Mejzlik) as well as selecting the best ESC. We also provide custom thermal concepts, with active or passive fans, air ducts and tailored fins. When combining our motors with one of our high-performance ESCs, we can also offer fully integrated units (motor and ESC as single replaceable unit) as well as additional features such as prop homing functions.

Product Type

BLDC inrunner motor, closed design

Motor diameter

from 129 mm

Motor length (excl. shaft)

from 53 mm


from 1,440 g


Air cooled

Protection class

IP 54 (higher class possible)

Peak power

up to 15 kW


2,000 – 8,000 1/min | S-Version -11,000 1/min

Peak Torque

up to 40 Nm


20 – 120 V (optionally up to 320 V)


20 – 250 rpm/V

Efficiency max

>90% incl. Plettenberg ESC

The above specs are for orientation. The motor can be tailored to your specific application. Please reach out to us for more information.