Generators and Starter-Generators

Our generators and starter-generators (aka alternators or starter-alternators) are available in the power range from 500 W to 15 kW. The basis is usually a motor from our NOVA series. This motor is combined with one of our generator or starter-generator electronics boxes. We provide our systems as external generator (separate to combustion engine), attachment kits (to be attached to combustion engine) or as integration kits (to be integrated in combustion engine housing).

All our generators and starters have leading power-to-weight and efficiency ratios and are very compact in sizes. This makes them very useful for applications, in which a combustion engine is required to achieve extended reach or operational time. Our generators can be used for boxer engines, inline engines and single-cylinder engines from 100-650 cm³.

As for our motors, we can tailor our generators and starter-generators to the specific requirements of our customers. We can offer the system in custom housing and with various forms of mounting to the engine.

You want more information or discuss how we can design a tailored solution for your application?
  • Super robust design for use in harsh environments
  • High IP protection class possible
  • Fully customizable to the requirements of your use case
  • Available as an external generator, attachment kit, or integration kit
  • Very high system efficiency
  • Market leading power-to-weight ratio
  • BLDC motor as a basis, thus no wear of brushes, low noise, etc.