BLDC Inrunner

Plettenberg is the global leader in high-performance inrunner BLDC motors.

We design, develop and manufacture a wide range of high-performance inrunner BLDC motors. Our inrunner motors consist of the NOVA and the ADVANCE families. The NOVA family has a very robust closed case design and is available in the power range from 1 kW to 50 kW. The ADVANCE family has a light-weight open case design and is available the power range from 1 kW to 5 kW.

We have more than 40 years of experience in motor manufacturing and are at the edge of technological development. Our engineers have spent years of development to advance the design of our inrunners. Today, we are able to combine the advantages of inrunners with many of the advantages of outrunners and offer the best solution on the market for a wide range of high-performance applications.

Our inrunners are very robust in design and available with protection class of up to IP67. This makes them ideally suited for application in harsh environments, such as snow, desert or sea operation. We are able to achieve a high torque density by using high pole numbers (up to 70) and special design of the magnetic system. For most applications we are able to mitigate the use of gear boxes, which reduces system cost and weight significantly. The low moment of inertia combined with the high efficiency of our inrunners makes them ideally suited for dynamic applications such as multi-copters.

Plettenberg offers its inrunner BLDC motors under three product categories: COTS, MOTS and FC. Our COTS (“commercial-off-the-shelf”) products are standard solutions in predetermined configurations, with shortened delivery times. If a COTS product is not suitable for the envisaged application, Plettenberg offers MOTS (“modified-off-the-shelf”) solutions. MOTS motors come with custom winding and electrical design support from our engineering team. If a MOTS solution is not sufficient and significant tailorization is required, a FC (“fully-custom”) solution can be offered. FC drive solutions are highly application specific and can be adjusted to complex requirements. From our experience, most projects start with a COTS or MOTS solution, and progress to a FC solution as first data has been gathered and requirements become more rigid.

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Other product types


Electronic motor controllers. Up to 400 V and 350 A.


Generators and starters. Up to 15kW.


High-quality, low weight accessories.