Custom Drive Solutions

Plettenberg provides a wide range of customized drive solutions.

If COTS (“commercial-off-the-shelf”) standard products are not suitable for the envisaged application, Plettenberg offers a wide range of customized drive solutions.


MOTS (“modified-off-the-shelf”) motors have the same mechanical parts as COTS motors but come with a customized winding. The winding of the motor determines the Kv (rpm/V) and allows for adapting the motor to the application requirements in terms of rpm and voltage range. In order to achieve the best possible results for our customers, Plettenberg offers MOTS motors with electrical design support from our engineering team, including an engineering study, which covers a data sheet and performance simulation. As option a thermal design review and prop/motor simulation can be ordered. This modification and support process carries a small NRE charge. As long-lead time materials or tooling remain unchanged, the lead time for MOTS motors is only 6-8 weeks.

Fully Custom

If a MOTS solution is not sufficient and significant tailorization is required, a FC (“fully-custom”) solution can be offered. FC drive solutions are often highly application specific and adjusted to complex requirements.

Examples of customization options include:

  • Application specific housing and shaft adaptation
  • Special cooling systems with active or passive fans and/or ducts
  • Special materials for aerospace or maritime applications
  • High ingress protection up to IP67
  • Compliance with MIL-STD 810 or RTCA DO-160 requirements
  • Special wrapping of magnets for high rpm applications
  • Redundant winding solutions
  • Single line replaceable units with integrated ESC
  • Custom MIL-STD connectors
  • Customized generator and starter systems for hybrid applications

Plettenberg has more than 40 years of motor design and manufacturing experience, with proprietary design and simulation tools, which utilize a huge database of actual dyno measurements. This allows for highly accurate performance and thermal simulations of custom motor designs. 

During FC projects, Plettenberg works closely with its customers in defining the specifications in a compliance matrix, plan and manage the project through technical feasibility, PDR, CDR, prototyping, testing and series ramp-up phases. For all FC solutions, Plettenberg provides integration, aftersales and spare part support. As all products are developed and manufactured inhouse, spare parts for custom products can be delivered for +20 years.

FC products have longer delivery times than COTS or MOTS products and are ideally suited for complex projects with demanding requirements. From our experience, most projects start with a COTS or MOTS solution, and progress to FC solutions as first data has been gathered and requirements become more rigid. Typical lead times are 10-30 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project.

Please reach out to our sales team to receive more information on our MOTS or FC solutions.