MST 400-133

Our electronic speed controller MST 400-133 is designed for a voltage of up to 370 V and current of up to 133 A. It can be combined with our NOVA 15 and 30 motors. The MST 400-133 is equipped with an active cooling fan. We highly recommend using our motors and ESCs as a combined system solution as oftentimes competing products lead to suboptimal use of our motors, which ruins the weight and size advantages or even destroy our motors.

All our ESCs are designed to be highly robust and feature a very favorable power-to-weight ratio. We develop and manufacture our ESCs at our HQ in Germany according to highest quality standards. We can tailor our ESCs (including embedded software) to your specific application. Our engineering team will help you in designing the right solution for you and support you in system integration.

370 V
Max. Voltage
133 A
Max. Current
47 kW
Constant Power
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  • Super robust design for use in harsh environments
  • Standard protection class IP 53 (higher class possible)
  • Favorable power-to-weight ratio
  • Specifically designed for our high pole motor design
  • Combined with our motors, the highest system efficiency can be achieved
Product Type

Electronic speed controller for BLDC motor

Dimensions (LxWxH)

238×135.5×96 mm


Air cooled


2,280 g

Protection class

IP 53 (higher class possible)

Continuous power max.

47 kW

Electric RPM limit

240,000 1/min

Voltage range

90 – 370 V

Current max.

133 A (180 A max. 2 sec.)


RS232 plus either CAN bus 2.0 or PWM or analog