Looking for an electric drive system
tailored to your application?

We are a leading manufacturer of tailored BLDC motors, brushed DC motors,
ESCs as well as generators and starters for high performance applications.

Plettenberg provides inrunner and outrunner BLDC motors, brushed DC motors, ESCs as well as generators and starters for high performance applications.


Global leader in inrunner BLDC motors


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26 kW/kg

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Product Overview

Electric Motors

Inrunner and outrunner BLDC and brushed DC motors. Up to 50 kW.


Generators and starters. Up to 15kW.


Electric motor controllers. Up to 400 V and 350 A.


High-quality, low weight accessories.

Value Chain

Hardware & Firmware Development

Our engineers work hand in hand with you to develop a drive solution tailored to your application.


We support you in your prototyping phase and manufacture a small number of systems for your testing purposes.


We do not only provide development engineering, but also manufacture the final series inhouse.


We help you with any questions and provide after sales support.

Key Benefits


All our drive solutions are made-to-order and tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. This can include adjustments to housing, shaft, number of poles, winding, cooling, potting, IP rating, etc. These adjustments allow us to build the most efficient, lightest and robust drive solutions for our customers.

Total Efficiency

We take a holistic perspective and always look at total efficiency over the entire load profile. We tailor our products such that endurance and performance is maximized, and weight is minimized. Often, a tailored drive solution can increase efficiency by 15-30%, mitigate the need for gearboxes and reduce overall system cost.


All our drive solutions are developed and manufactured at our HQ in Germany. We employ highly experienced professionals with many years of experience. We believe in products built by hand, as it provides for the highest quality and a great degree of flexibility. We have a strict quality system which is ISO 9001 certified.

Life Cycle

We support our customers throughout the entire product life cycle. Our engineers provide extensive development and system integration advise and support with prototyping. Following development, we manufacture the final series inhouse for as many years as required by our customers. We also offer an extensive spare parts program.


All our drive solutions are rugged in design and built for application in harsh environments. Our NOVA series of BLDC inrunners is available with ingress protection of up to 67. This makes them ideally suited for missions in the harshest environments, such as snow, desert or sea water operation.

Solution Focus

We provide customers with tailored system solutions, comprising motor, ESC as well as related accessories. Next to the hardware, we provide extensive engineering and system integration support. In the case of starter-generators, we provide the generator as well as starter-generator electronic boxes.

About Us

Plettenberg is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of electric drive systems for high performance applications. We are the global leader in high-performance inrunner BLDC motors. Our product range also includes outrunner BLDC motors, brushed DC motors, ESCs, generators and starters as well as accessories. We provide engineering and application integration service to our customers in order to help them in designing the perfect drive system for their particular use case. We serve customers from end-markets such as UAVs, UGV, UUV, industrial tools, robotic & automation, medical equipment, aviation, racing & sports, universities & research. We manufacture all our products at our HQ in Baunatal, Germany and have a strict quality system which is ISO 9001 certified.

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