Product Release: NOVA X-Series

Based on our NOVA series of rugged inrunner BLDC motors, the new NOVA X-Series has been developed. The X-Series features up to 3 redundant windings, which are powered by up to 3 independent ESCs.

Redundancy and reliability is gaining significant traction in the UAV industry, as OEMs are preparing for certification processes. The propulsion system is one of the most critical parts when it comes to safety and reliability. With a redundant propulsion system, UAVs can perform a safe emergency landing, even if one of the ESCs fails and a winding segment of the motor is destroyed. A multi-winding propulsion system can be a simpler, lighter and less expensive alternative to a coaxial propulsion system.

All our NOVA X-Series motors can be tailored to the requirements of our customers. This includes thermal design, ingress protection up to IP67, winding, number of poles, etc.

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